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The online independent healthcare rating site driven by users.
Reports & Ratings to guide you towards afford able and quality healthcare.

Emdsite is designed to empower the patient to take complete responsibility of her health & safely record her health information. The website provides cutting-edge tools to record and share your experience about doctors and hospitals throughout United State.
Emdsite.com – Advantages:
Health Tools & Software: Emdsite provides range of cutting health tools and software to manage your health and your health records.
Health Information: You can access up-to-date health information and valuable resources on healthcare on emdsite.com. You can pose questions and receive answers.
Healthcare Directories: Emdsite.com provides detailed directories of qualified physicians, hospitals and pet-care homes. You can check emdsite.com directory to locate your doctor.
Emdsite.com – Today’s Statistics:
Total Physicians:792105
Medical Specialties:33
Total Cities:14129
Total New Reviews:32
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