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Emdsite – Personal Health Records Emdsite – Your source of health tools Emdsite – Health Info and Health Resources Emdsite – Hospital, Pet, Doctor Directory Emdsite – Doctor Review and Rating is the comprehensive health portals that provide range of benefits to patients, families and health practitioners.

Emdsite is built on the feedback of patients. The site is continuously updated to add new features and tools.

Emdsite is designed to empower the patient to take complete responsibility of her health, safely record her health information and live graceful life.

Emdsite also provides cutting-edge tools to record and share your experience about doctors and hospitals throughout United States.


The key benefits of includes:

  • Health Tools & Software: Emdsite provides range of cutting health tools and software to manage your health and your health records.
  • Health Information: You can access up-to-date health information and valuable resources on healthcare on You can pose questions and receive answers.
  • Healthcare Directories: provides detailed directories of qualified physicians, hospitals and pet-care homes. You can check directory to locate your doctor.
  • Healthcare Social Network: includes healthcare social network and valuable user-generated content. You can use to give your review and rating on various doctors, hospitals and pet-care homes.
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